Trader Smith’s Spaceship Emporium

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Team Name: KupoHQ

Team Members:
Kevin Jayamanna: Team Lead, Designer, Programmer
Jenne Hui: Programmer, UI
Alice Zhu: Programmer, Artist
Jennifer Ahn: Programmer, Artist
Ziwen Ran: Writer, Artist

Play as the enigmatic Trader Smith, as he becomes embroiled in conflict with a dangerous faction of ruthless intergalactic pirates.
Build up your armada of ships, each one heavily customizable with engines, weapons, hulls, and diverse array of equip-able items!
Collect blueprints to build your own parts and ships, or purchase them from the numerous merchants of varying reputability!
Interact with a variety of quirky and intriguing NPCs, and recruit them in your fight!
Journey towards the centre of a galaxy under siege!
Disclaimer: this game is very much in progress, so expect significant changes in design, art, and content as development progresses.