Team Name: Magical Dungeon Team Members: Martin Tsang, Project Lead Isaac Zee Thai Ngoc Nguyen Jarjay Chen Description: A 2D top-down dungeon crawler featuring magic! Wield the elements of fire, ice, and more fire to incinerate your foes… destroying any fearful adversaries that get in … Continue readingRooutes


Team Members: Christopher Kevin Jonathan, Co-Project Lead Brandon Chan, Co-Project Lead Nathan Poon Ben Spratt Theodore Pellegrin Jay Ho Brian Ackermann Alex Mountain Description: A 2D arcade game inspired by Tetris and Donkey Kong. There was once a wizard who loves to create clay during … Continue readingKlaymation


Team Name: Team Swordship Description: Swordship is a 2D physics based fighting game where you fly spaceships that wield giant weapons. Strike your opponents with swords, skewer them with spears or blast them from afar with cannons in this action packed brawler! PLAY HERE